Keeping up its tradition of innovation and elegance, Monal has redefined the concept of marquees in the city. The insipid encampments have been transformed to give the outlook of classical European palaces. 
The majestic façades are designed not only to make our clients feel like royalty, but also to provide them the essential facilities required at weddings and other ceremonies.
And it is not just the exterior, the granite floors, artistic woodwork, and extravagant chandeliers give our guests the taste and feel of class.
You can see and feel the difference the moment you step inside. The marquee floor has been consciously kept below the entrance level to make sure that our guests enter not into a crowd, but an elaborate vista.
Highlighting, the more mundane, but most essential, Monal’s are the only marquees to provide extensive restrooms for ladies and gentlemen along with baby change rooms.
A bridal room with customised sophistication provides not just privacy and comfort for the bride, but can also be used for a photo-shoot.
And to top it all, our countless options for theme, décor and lighting give you a wide choice on how you want to shape the memories of perhaps the most important and beautiful day of your life.